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Research Team


Dr. -Ing.Paris A. Fokaides

Associate Professor, Head of Group

Disciplines: Thermofluids, Process Engineering 

With SERG since: 2012 (Founder)

Studies: PhD in Engineering (Universität Karlsruhe, 2009), Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Aristotle University Thessaloniki, 2002)

Publications Record: ScopusProfile


Research Projects: Research Projects Record


Dr. Elias Christoforou

Post - Doctoral Researcher

Disciplines: Sustainable Energy Technologies

With SERG from 2012 to 2016

Studies: PhD in Mechanical Engineering

(Frederick University, 2019), MSc in Energy Technologies and Sustainable Design (University of Cyprus, 2013), BSc in Mechanical Engineering (University of Cyprus, 2011)

Publications Record: ScopusResearchGate

Research Projects: PRECEPT


Dr Georgia Lazarou

Post - Doctoral Researcher

Disciplines: Experimental and Computational Soil mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering

With SERG since 2022

Studies: PhD in Soil Mechanics, Civil Engineering ( University of Cyprus, 2020), MSc in Soil Mechanics (University of Cyprus, 2012), BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering (University of Cyprus, 2010)

Publications Record: Scopus, ResearchGate

Research Projects: D^2EPC


 Ms. Phoebe-Zoe Georgali

PhD Candidate, Researcher

Disciplines: Computational Building Physics, Environmental Engineering

With SERG since: 2019

Studies: MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems

(Frederick University, 2017), BSc in Mechanical Engineering (Technological Education Institute of Chalkida, 2012)

Publications Record: ScopusResearchGate

Research Projects: STABLE, ReCyFilm, YENESIS, D^2EPC


Mr. Nikolas Afxentiou

PhD Candidate, Researcher

Disciplines: Computational Energy Technologies

With SERG since: 2019

Studies: MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems

(Frederick University, 2021), BSc in Mechanical Engineering (Frederick University, 2019)

Publications Record: ScopusResearchGate

Research Projects: ReCyFilm, YENESIS

Klitos pic.jpeg

Mr. Theoklitos Klitou

PhD Candidate, Researcher

Disciplines: Experimental Energy Technologies, Sustainable Build Environment

With SERG since 2021

Studies: MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems (Frederick University, 2021), BEng in Mechanical Engineering with a Year in Industry (Swansea University, 2020)

Publications Record: Research Gate

Research Projects: PRECEPT


Ms. Andri Panayidou


Disciplines: Computational Building Physics

With SERG from 2020 to 2021

Studies: MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems

(Frederick University, 2021), Diploma in Architecture (University of Cyprus, 2011)

Publications Record: ScopusResearchGate

Research Projects: UP PeriScope


Ms. Constantina Samara


Disciplines: Building Information Modelling,Image Processing and Data Management

With SERG since 2022

Studies: BSc in Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design(Frederick University, Cyprus,2010)

Research Projects: PERISCOPE


Ms. Evi Demetriou


Disciplines: Sustainable development, Smart Built Environment

With SERG from 2023


BSc in Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management (Kingston University, United Kingdom,2018), MSc in Management and Business Strategies with the Environment (Birkbeck University, United Kingdom, 2019)

Publications Record: Scopus

Research Projects: easySRI


Ms. Constantina Kyriakou

BSc Student

Disciplines: Sustainable Built Environment

With SERG since 2023

Studies: BSc in Mechanical Engineering


Ms. Miroslava Belperchinova Asprou

Research Administrator


With SERG since 2020

Research Projects: PRECEPT   


Former Group Members

Dr. Panagiota Konatzii

Post - Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Loucas Georgiou

PhD Graduate, Researcher

Ms. Androniki Nicola

PhD Candidate, Researcher

Ms. Eleni Apostolidou


Ms. Chrystalla Menelaou


Dr. Styliana Kyriakoudi

Post - Doctoral Researcher

Ms. Christiana Panteli

PhD Candidate, Researcher

Mr. Kyriakos Xystouris


Ms. Maria Mela


Ms. Kyriaki Kerverou

MSc Student

Dr. Angeliki Kylili

PhD Graduate, Researcher

Mr. Yan Moisev

PhD Candidate, Researcher

Mr. Constantinos Papouis


Ms. Anna Ioannou


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