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A novel decentralized edge-enabled PREsCriptivE and ProacTive framework for increased energy
efficiency and well-being in residential buildings

To set the grounds for the deployment and operation of proactive residential buildings. The proposed framework introduces a “plug-n-play” Pred(scr)ictive and Proactive building energy management system (PPBMS) installed locally at building level, at the Edge-Enable Proactiveness (E EP) device. The proposed PP-BMS is self-adapted, self-learned, -managed, -monitored, -healing and -optimized, requiring no (or minimum) installation costs and no maintenance.


Project Acronym:

Overall Budget:€7 654 025

Funding Organization:
European Commission

Overall Funding:€6 053 667

Funding Program:
Horizon 2020

FU/FRC Budget:€321 000

Project Start/End date:
10/2020 - 03/2024

FU/FRC Funding:€321 000

Lead Partner:
Watt And Volt Alternative Energy Society

Project Partners

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