BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Frederick University

The Program of Mechanical Engineering at Frederick University (link) is designed to provide the students with the scientific and professional provisions of the Mechanical Engineering profession. The Program constitutes a balance between the academic and the practical directions. The program provides practical experience in the use of modern engineering instruments and reinforced understanding through computerized and other experimentation. It prepares its graduates for direct employment as mechanical engineers and lays the foundation for further education.

The Sustainable Energy Research Group members offer the following courses:

ME202 Fluid Mechanics I

ME304 Heat Transfer

ME310 Hydraulics and Pneumatics

MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems, Frederick University

The master’s degree in Energy Engineering (link) (on Campus) is a taught multi-disciplinary international programme suitable for applicants from engineering, architecture, planning and other relevant backgrounds. It is intended to investigate the latest design developments not only in the international scientific field, but also in the European and national regulatory and legal framework. Students will be acquainted with the required know-how for monitoring and evaluating the energy efficiency of building systems, buildings, renewable and conventional energy systems including Oil & Gas, and of indoor environmental quality conditions, in accordance to legal and best-practice requirements, so as to be able to focus on the field of energy engineering. The programme consists of two streams:

  • Sustainable Energy Resources

  • Sustainable Built Environment

The Sustainable Energy Research Group coordinates this MSc program and members of its staff offer the following courses:

MEE510 Sustainable Energy Resources

MEER503 Energy and Environmental Policies

MEEB504 Energy Design of Buildings and Energy Audits

MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems (DL), Frederick University and Open University Cyprus

The distance learning Master degree in Sustainable Energy Systems offered joinly by the Frederick University, Cyprus, and the Open University Cyprus, is principally oriented at young engineers and graduates of science faculties who wish to engage with the energy sector.


The Sustainable Energy Research Group coordinates this MSc program and members of its staff offer the following courses:

SES512 Renewable Energy for the Built Environment

SES521 Energy Design of Buildings

SES611 Energy and Environmental Policies

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