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Improving and demonstrating the potential of SRI

easySRI aims to enable a smooth and extendable web platform that offers services for the automated calculation of the SRI according to the Final report on the technical support to the development of a smart readiness indicator for buildings accomplished under the authority of the European Commission DG Energy ENER that will act as a basis for the effective implementation of the SRI and allow
further testing at the Member State level.


Project Acronym:

Funding Organization:
European Commission

Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE)

Project Start/End date:
11/2022 - 09/2025

Overall Budget:
€ 2 104 562

Overall Funding:€ 1 999 334

FU/FRC Budget:€ 190 995

FU/FRC Funding:
€ 181 445

Lead Partner:
National Center for Research and Technological Development (CERTH)

Project Partners

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