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A significant step forward for the European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability

Building on established strategic cooperation structures, joint activities, and procedures, EU-CONEXUS Plus introduces three former associated partners as full members, creates a legal entity for the implementation of joint actions, continues the set-up of joint infrastructures and stabilizes the scope of cooperation chosen around the thematic focus “Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability” (SmUCS) while covering all missions of a university: education, research, innovation and service to society.

Project Acronym:

Overall Budget:
€ 14 399 968

Funding Organization:
European Commission

Overall Funding:€ 14 399 968


Funding Program:

FU/FRC Budget:€ 1 391 554

Project Start/End date:
11/2022 - 10/2026

FU/FRC Funding:
€ 1 391 554

Project Partners

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