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Strategic Cross-Border Cooperation & Capitalisation of a Common Approach to Energy Saving in Public Buildings: STRATENERGY

STRATENERGY is a Cross-border Strategic Project running into the framework of Interreg GREECE-CYPRUS programme 2014-2020. It seeks to consolidate constructive cooperation between the most competent national structures of Greece - Cyprus and to implement a modern, cross-border strategy for the integration of Energy Efficiency practices and technologies to public sector buildings up to 2030.

Project Acronym:

Overall Budget:€3 723 406


Funding Organization:
BALKAN MED 2014 - 2020

Overall Funding:€3 723 406,07

Funding Program:

FU/FRC Budget:
€16 000

Project Start/End date:
11/2021 - 07/2022

FU/FRC Funding:
€16 000

Lead Partner:
Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, Cyprus

Project Partners

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