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Earthquake Risk plAtform For European cities Cultural Heritage protection

ERA4CH addresses the development of a series of tools, combining Artificial Intelligence with structural stability models, advanced remote sensing techniques, image processing, geotechnics and cadastral data sets in a GIS application for damage assessment and long-term monitoring of historic centres. This innovative methodology and tools will enable effective monitoring and management of the historic centres to mitigate the effects of catastrophic events by enabling preventive intervention in the areas where most of the damage is expected.


Project Acronym:

Overall Budget:
€ 791 200

Funding Organization:
European Commission

Overall Funding:€ 791 200

Funding Program:
MSCA Staff Exchanges 2021

FU/FRC Budget:€ 128 800

Project Start/End date:
01/2023 - 12/2026

FU/FRC Funding:
€ 128 800

Lead Partner:
Alma Sistemi Srl

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