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Implementation of Written Exams for the Selection of Four (4) Candidates to be Employed as Energy Operators in Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA)

The objective of this consulting service was the preparation of examination papers for the implementation of the exams, as well as the organization of the exams at Frederick’s premises. In terms of the contract the papers were also marked and the results were communicated to the contracting authority. The results were followed by interviews, conducted by CERA, and the filling of four permanent positions at CERA.


Project Acronym:

Overall Budget:€55 000

Funding Organization:
Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority

Overall Funding:€55 000

Funding Program:

FU/FRC Budget:€55 000

Project Start/End date:
09/2015 - 12/2015

Lead Partner:
Frederick University

FU/FRC Funding:€55 000

Project Website

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