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CLIMRES-Leadership For Climate Resilient Buildings

Europe has seen a significant increase in extreme weather events, particularly impacting the Mediterranean region. CLIMRES is dedicated to promoting Leadership for Climate Resilient Buildings by identifying and categorizing building vulnerabilities, developing methodologies for assessment and evaluation, and creating an inventory of measures to counter climate risks. Through large-scale pilot tests across several countries, the project aims to inform a capacity-building program and provide valuable insights for stakeholders involved in climate resilience and sustainable development.

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Project Acronym:

Overall Budget:
€ 4 999 994

Funding Organization:
European Commission

Overall Funding:€ 4 999 994

Funding Program:
HORIZON Innovation Actions

FU/FRC Budget:€ 302 500

Project Start/End date:
06/2024 - 05/2027

FU/FRC Funding:
302 500

Project Partners

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