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BioINSouth - Supporting regional environmental sustainability assessment for the BIO-based sectors to improve INnovation, INdustries and INclusivity in SOUTH Europe

The BioINSouth project aims to integrate ecological considerations into regional bioeconomy strategies, focusing on circular bio-based activities. By developing guidelines and digital tools based on the SSbD assessment framework, it seeks to enhance the adoption of innovative methodologies for assessing environmental impacts in industrial bio-based systems. Targeting Southern Mediterranean European Regions, the project aims to engage stakeholders, establish regional hubs, and demonstrate its approach in partner countries, facilitating replication across other Southern European regions post-project.

Project Acronym:

Overall Budget:
€ 2 999 195

Funding Organization:
European Commission

Overall Funding:€ 2 999 195


Funding Program:
HORIZON JU Coordination and Support Actions

FU/FRC Budget:€ 200 000

Project Start/End date:
06/2024 - 05/2027

FU/FRC Funding:
€ 200 000

Project Partners

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