SERG's infrastructure includes three labs:

  • The Sustainable Solid Fuels Laboratory

  • The Boilers Laboratory

  • The Building Physics Laboratory

SERG’s Sustainable Solid Fuels laboratory is equipped with the required infrastructure for the physical, proximal and elemental assessment of solid fuels, including biomass and biofuels.

The SERG’s Boilers Laboratory consists of four boilers, all equipped with the required devices for determining the temperature and boiler operating pressure, as well as to implement the exhaust gas analysis for the definition of the combustion conditions

SERG possesses the required equipment for the implementation of building physics tests and measurements with regard to the thermal behaviour of building elements and of buildings, based on international and European standards.

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Sustainable Solid Fuels Lab
  • Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter (Parr 1341)

  • CHNS/O Analyser (Perkin Elmer 2400 Series II)

  • Laboratory Furnace (SNOL 20/300)

  • High-Temperature Laboratory Furnace (SNOL 4/1100)

  • Analytical Balance (KERN ABT 220 - 5DM )

  • Analytical Balance (C'NTROLS 11-D0629)

  • Freezer (Otto HS-260 CN)

  • Digital Thermometer + Data logger (TECPEL DTM-317)

Boilers Lab.jpg

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Boilers Lab
  • Singe-stage heating oil boiler, Nominal Heat Output,27.1 kW

  • Multistage heating oil boiler, Nominal Heat Output, 48.9 kW

  • Gas condensing boiler, Nominal Heat Output, 30.4 kW

  • Solid biomass boiler, Nominal Heat Output, 29 kW

  • Gas Analyser: KANE 455


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Building Physics Lab
  • Thermo camera (FLIR E50)

  • Heat Flux Sensor (Series PNTMN 02691)

  • Light meter(LUTRON LX-1118)

  • Weather Station (La Crosse WS-2308 AL G3)

  • Hot Wire Anemometer (LUTRON AM-4204)

  • U Value Meter (Testo 635-1)

  • Thermocouple Datalogger (TECPEL DTM 319, PICO TC-08)

  • Type T Thermocouples (OMEGA 5SRTC-TT-TI-24-2M)

  • Gas detectors (Gas Alert Extreme)

  • USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit (Dataq DI-149)

  • Dark Chamber for measuring of building materials thermal properties


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  • Full license for Comsol (FEM Software)

  • Full license for GaBi (LCA Software)

  • Full license for Aspen + (Process Engineering Software)

  • Full license for Solid Works (3D CAD Software with FEM solver)

  • Full license for Autodesk Revit (3D CAD Software)

  • Full license for 1Click LCA (Building Life Cycle Metrics software)