Ecohestia is a building materials Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) database developed by the Sustainable Energy Research Group. Ecohestia enables the implementation of whole- building cradle to site Life Cycle Assessment, considering all the inputs and outputs, including materials, energy and waste, associated with the construction of the building. EcoHestia is based on a standardized, transparent, verifiable and internationally recognized approach - the ISO 14040 series.


The main features of Ecohestia are the following:

  • it delivers the environmental performance and the level of sustainability of any building. 

  • it enables comparison of different building designs, from an environmental perspective.

  • it enables assessment of the energy efficiency of buildings

  • it supports stakeholders environmental based decision- making


Currently the following building materials are included in the EcoHestia database.

  • Aluminium, PVC, Float Flat Glass

  • Brick, Plasterboard, Tiles

  • Cement, Plaster

  • Concrete (C10/ C15, C16, C20/ C25, C35)

  • Thermal Insulating Materials (EPS, Mineral wool)

  • Paint (exterior, interior), Waterproofing, Polyethylene film

  • Plywood

  • Steel


Ecohestia's White Paper can be downloaded under this link.